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Jackie Owl

I originally made this collage at a craft party hosted by my friend Teresa.  I used samples of bamboo wallcovering, wrapping paper printed with Warhol’s ‘Jackie O’ painting and a book of ‘birds of prey’ stencils I bought at a visitor’s center on the Palisades Parkway in northern New Jersey.  It was creepy and weird.  I upped the ante with a bit of digital mirroring.

Jackie Owl

Jackie Owl. Analog/Digital Collage. 2010.

Generic Double-Knit Can Cozy

generic can cozy 01

Inspired by generic grocery store packaging of the 1980s, the Generic Double-Knit Can Cozy is the result of my desire to contribute to a particular can cozy collection and my longstanding appreciation of the austere but pleasing simplicity of no-brand products.  Reminiscently, these cozies combine generic styling with the handmade texture of double knitting.

Double knitting in the round serves this project well: the doubled thickness provides additional insulation for the beverage can and double knitting allows easy integration of text in the pattern of the work.  Seamless stockinette stitches at the inside and outside make this cozy a sturdy utilitarian object.  And true to its inspiration, the materials for this project are extremely frugal — inexpensive yarn is all you need.

Download the pattern as a PDF here.  Cheers!

generic can cozy 02

generic can cozy 03

generic can cozy 04